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The KNEE & HEALTH INSTITUTE MUNICH (KHIM) is a brand new private practice for orthopaedics founded by the renowned Professor Dr. med. Philip Schoettle in 2017 in Munich with a special focus on the treatment of problems at the knee and associated individual orthopaedic care with a tailor-made therapy in Munich. In addition, Prof. Schöttle is extensively engaged in avoiding surgery through the body’s own healing capacity and through cell therapy / orthobiology. The institute, located in the heart of Munich, is a pioneer in stem cell therapy and orthobiology, in addition to its international reputation in knee and, above all, knee cap surgery.


Knee specialist Prof. Dr. Schoettle – expert for knee surgery and orthopaedics in Munich

Based on our many years of experience, we know: An operation is not always necessary. In many cases, knee problems and other musculoskeletal problems and pain can be successfully treated using modern conservative methods.

In the field of knee orthopaedics and knee specialists we are certainly a well-known contact point in Munich.  This applies not only to sports injuries but also to pediatric orthopaedics at the knee for congenital problems as well as chronic, degenerative orthopaedic diseases of the knee such as knee arthrosis or cartilage damage. First and foremost, we try to avoid an operation by using our own cell therapies, physiotherapy, metabolic adaptations, etc.

If an operation is necessary, it is carried out with a lot of experience and precision by minimally invasive arthroscopy as far as possible. Always with the aim of rapid pain reduction and restoration of mobility


Prof. Dr. med. Schoettle


Orthopaedic practice for regenerative medicine in Munich​

Due to our central location in Munich and our excellent cooperation with various physiotherapies and clinics, we offer rapid diagnosis, intervention and aftercare for all knee conditions and complaints. Even if you are not from Munich, we have good contacts to other recognized specialists in your area, who we will gladly include in your treatment if desired.
We offer a professional care of your knee injuries and complaints with the most suitable methods for your case. We have experience with thousands of knee surgeries performed here in Munich and will advise you on the most appropriate treatment option to achieve the best possible result with the least risk. As one of the leading orthopaedists in Munich and knee specialist worldwide, it is important for us to explain your problems to you in a detailed initial discussion and to discuss the treatment options with you.
Please contact us anytime by phone or directly HERE for an appointment for an examination of your knee or your orthopedic problem in Munich.

Reviews about Prof. Dr. Schoettle
Wirklich einer der besten Ärzte!
Er hat mich und meine Zwillingsschwester wunderbar behandelt. 2 Jahre nach der OP sehr zu Frieden und keine Schmerzen!"
Unsere Fahrt hat sich gelohnt nach München . Meine Tochter wurde mit einer" MPFL" perfekt betreut & operiert und jetzt nach der Endkontrolle ist sie ( 6 Wochen nach der OP ) wieder motiviert für den Sport, was die letzten 2 Jahre, nur unter Angst vor einer Patellaluxation kaum möglich war! Danke an Prof.Schöttle, für die sehr gute Arbeit !"
Dr. Schoettle hat vor einigen Jahren mein verpfuschtes Knie gerettet und ich bin seitdem sogar komplett! beschwerdefrei und gehe sogar wieder Skifahren! Besser hätte es nicht laufen können und ich bin ihm dafür sehr dankbar."
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Prof. Dr. med. Philip Schoettle
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